Two Coaches Meet…

Two coaches meet. Each has a penny.

They exchange pennies and go their separate ways.

Each still only has one penny.

Two coaches meet. Each has an idea.

They exchange ideas and go their separate ways.

Each now has two ideas…

I have coached offensive line as a Graduate Assistant, Assistant, Coordinator and Head Coach at the college Division II and III levels for over 25 years. I am now a high school head coach and still coach the offensive line. During my career, I have had the good fortune of working with and learning from some of the top OLine coaches in the country. As a Glazier and Nike speaker, and an original contributor to XandO Labs, I have had the pleasure of sharing those things we have done successfully with thousands of coaches. Through the Alercio OLine Clinics I have run in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Vermont over the past 16 years, I have shared OLine Skills with over 7,000 high school aged linemen and hundreds of their coaches.

As an undersized offensive lineman in high school and college, I learned the importance of good technique in order to have success. As a coach, I have spent a career studying those techniques so that my players can maximize their individual, and our team’s success. I know, as a father of three boys, that most boys can run with a ball in their hand, throw, catch, and tackle; but they do not come out of the womb being able to run or pass block. Those are learned skills that have to be learned and mastered over time.

I began my coaching career with the goal of having the same positive impact on young men that coaches and mentors had on me. Nike, Glazier and other venues have given me a local platform to share with colleagues and now I want to share what I have learned more broadly. Despite recent success helping St Johnsbury Academy reach the state finals in two of the last three years, and winning more games in three seasons than in the prior eight combined, I know I have plenty to learn.

As I have told players for many years, “the hand that gives gathers.” This blog is intended to share ideas, spur conversation, and broaden the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the coaching fraternity. I hope you find it useful and look forward to a healthy and positive exchange of ideas.

Here’s to a great season with a great team,