The Alercio Oline Clinic… Back to Our Roots…

There were many highlights during the weekend in Orlando at the USA Football conference but none better than running into Jim McNally.  Coach joined us at the bar for a conversation on Friday night.  Coincidentally, I first met coach bellied up to a bar in the summer of 1992, when I attended his OLine Clinic in Cincinnati with my mentor, Jim Pry, who worked with Coach McNally at Marshall.  The techniques I teach at the Alercio OLine Clinic were developed from what I learned from Jim McNally and Jim Pry.

Coincidentally, they were “taking the head out of football” long before USA Football coined the phrase and supported the cause.  Not only is it safer, I’m convinced it’s more effective! Everything we teach at the Alercio OLine Clinic removes the head from blocking.  It is all about the Feet, Eyes, and Hands.  Our emphasis is on what step to take (Base, Reach, Angle, Bucket, Pull, Kick, Power), what our visual target is (near pec, 2018 NJ OLine Clinic Brochuresternum, far pec) and what are strike points are (near shoulder, sternum, pecs, far shoulder).  We will teach the proper steps, visual targets and strike points for a base drive block, reach block, cut off block, down block and a variety of pulls.  We will also teach the steps, targets and strike points used in pass protection versus an inside alignment, head up alignment, outside alignment and wide outside rusher.

These techniques have led to our teams setting rushing, passing and scoring records as well as win championships at both the high school and college level.  I am also proud to announce that we have seen the same results at the schools who attend the Alercio OLine Clinic.

Click on the brochure image to the right to get your Alercio Oline Clinic application, fill it out, send it in with your tuition, and join us at the Hun School of Princeton on March 25, 2018. Early bird rates are still available and will again discount individual tuition for teams sending five (5) or more players. As in the past, Coaches may attend for free.

Although this is a non-contact camp, we recognize that there is the risk of concussion with the sport of football.  For education materials on concussions please visit the USA Football at 
Coach Rich Alercio is available to discuss team building, coaching philosophy, X’s & O’s, or teach his O-Line “techniques in the trenches.” Contact Coach at and share with your colleagues and friends. Thanks for your time!

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