Pass Blocking (while quarantined)

In last week’s blog, we focused on Run blocking Steps, Visual Targets and Strike Points for offensive linemen in their home using a chair.  2020-04-09 Tools for Pass BlockingThis week, we will focus on Pass blocking and you will need a broom handle and the video camera in your phone.

Set up your phone’s video camera in front of you so that your entire body will be in view.  Face the camera and put the broom handle on your back as if you were to execute a barbell squat.  Stagger your feet as you would if you were a Right Guard or Right Tackle.  Left foot up and right foot back.

Next, execute a 3 step pass set to your right (kick-slide-brace) out and back at a 45-degree angle.  Return to your original spot then execute a pass set to your left (power-slide-brace) only moving inward.  Do not drop back.  The Kick Step pass set is to be used versus an outside rusher on dropback passes while the Power Step pass set is used versus a head-up or inside rusher.

Repeat the same drill with a Left Guard/Left Tackle Stance.  Right foot up and left foot back.  Kick-slide-brace left then power-slide-brace right.  Then review your video to confirm that your broom handle stayed parallel to the floor and parallel to the camera.

This drill keeps you square to the line of scrimmage on your pass sets.  Far too often, offensive linemen open their hips to the pass rusher, particularly versus the outside rusher.  This shortens the corner for the rusher and also opens up the path for an inside counter rush move.  Another coaching point is to see that your feet are always outside of your knees and your knees are outside of your hips.  Your legs should always look like a triangle.

Once you have confirmed your body positioning is correct, you can advance to linking the pass steps and sets together.  Do a kick-slide-brace into a power-slide-brace as if you were pass blocking an outside rusher who makes an inside counter rush move.  Then do a power-slide-brace to a kick-slide-brace.

The coaching point of this drill is to teach you to always step with the directional foot.  When you move to the right, you must step right foot first.  If the rusher transitions to the left, you must step with your left foot.  That keeps your legs in the shape of a triangle.  Add these pass sets to your run steps from last week to continue to work on and hone your OLine Skills.

Coach Rich Alercio is available to discuss coaching philosophy, X’s & O’s, or teach his O-Line “techniques in the trenches.” Contact Coach at and share with your colleagues and friends. Thanks for supporting this blog and joining our conversations, and as always, thanks for your time!

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