Would It Help?

Neither the Executive Director of the Vermont Principals Association, the Vermont Secretary of Education, nor the Governor of Vermont have called me to ask how I want to conduct the fall high school football season…

At some point in the coming weeks, they will make a decision about fall sports that is out of my control.  In the meantime, I will not worry about it.

I will continue to focus on those things I do control:

  • Continuing to get our players mentally and physically prepared to play through our Summer Organized Team Activities (OTAs)
  • Preparing practice & installation schedules for Mini Camp and the start of practices whenever they begin
  • Remaining flexible in implementing the ever-changing guidelines to keep our kids healthy, and hopeful high school sports and activities remain part of our students’ lives (even if they do not look the same as they have in the past)

In the 2015 movie, “Bridge of Spies,” Tom Hanks plays a lawyer counseling a Russian spy whose life is on the line while the two superpowers consider whether to conduct a prisoner exchange or have the spy executed. At the conclusion of a tenuous court scene where things are looking particularly bleak, Tom Hanks’ character asks, “Don’t you ever worry?”  The Russian responds stoically, “Would it help?” Tom Hanks smiles at the simplicity and accuracy of the candid response…

No doubt, these are challenging times… There is plenty to fret about if we choose to. Do not make life more difficult and stressful by consuming yourself with worry about things you do not control. Put your thoughts and efforts directly into those things you can influence and let the chips fall as they may, knowing you’ve done your best.

Coach Rich Alercio is available to discuss coaching philosophy, X’s & O’s, or teach his O-Line “techniques in the trenches.” Contact Coach at richalercio@gmail.com and share http://www.olineskills.com with your colleagues and friends. Thanks for supporting this blog and joining our conversations, and as always, thanks for your time!


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