Reflections Not Resolutions

Instead of making a New Year’s resolution that most likely won’t last past Groundhog’s Day, consider welcoming 2021, with reflections on 2020.  Despite the challenges of the passing year, think about three things that brought you joy and plan to do more of them (Actually right them down!) Then write down three things that brought on disappointment or frustration and simply choose to do less of those.  

A year filled with quarantines and stay-at-home orders allowed for more and even unexpected family time.  As we go our separate ways in 2021, I want to be intentional in planning, get-togethers more frequently, as well as planned vacation time as a family.  My wife, sons, and I are taking the time to put markers on the calendar, block out time, and commit to spending it together. The travel restrictions of 2020 facilitated new and easier ways to get together with long lost friends and distant relatives through Zoom and FaceTime.  I want to make sure those rekindled relationships stay strong and ongoing.  Minutes on Zoom and Facetime are fine. Don’t feel compelled to spend hours… make it easy on everyone, and everyone will be more likely to participate. 2020 allowed me more time to read.  I do not typically read for entertainment but rather improvement.  I am already working on my 2021 reading list focused on helping me be a better husband, father, son, brother, coach, teacher and mentor.

The most frustrating thing of 2020 has been wearing a mask.  Not because they are uncomfortable and steam up my sunglasses, but because they hide the smiles of those we encounter daily.  I look forward to being able to greet people and letting them know how happy I am to see them without saying a word. (Please note, as long as Masks are in the public interest, we will comply, but I do look forward to fewer days with a mask as we beat back the pandemic.)  I missed conducting the 19th annual Alercio OLine Clinics and speaking at the Nike and Glazier Clinics.  I remain hopeful we will be able to share what we do with others so that they can achieve the same levels of success we have been so blessed to experience over the years.  Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the loss of human contact was a source of frustration.  Not being able to greet someone with a firm handshake, or put your arm around someone in need of support, or give someone a hug to let them know how much you care about them.  

There is much to learn from 2020 and even more to look forward to in 2021.  I encourage you to seek the good, and enjoy more of it, while minimizing the impacts of frustrations. As the ball drops tonight, and the clock turns midnight, I wish you and those you hold dearest a safe, healthy and happy New Year, and all the best in 2021!

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