Road Trip: USA Football, Phoenix, AZ

2017-07-11 Road Trip

I am excited to be participating in USA Football’s Course Content Productions.  On Tuesday, July 11, I’m flying to Phoenix to produce four courses in the Arizona Cardinals Training Facility.

The first presentation will be on Setting Target Outcomes.  We will cover sharing a vision, creating position group performance standards, goal setting with SMART goals and monitoring progress toward goals.

2017-07-11 dart-targets

The next presentation is entitled Post Game Evaluations and Next Week.  It will cover grading your players, awards and recognition, analyzing data, self-scouting, setting up and breaking tendencies, adjusting for injuries and depth issues and progression of offense over the season.

2017-08-01 scouting Preps

The third course is Leadership & Team Building.  We will define what it is to be a leader, discuss understanding the millennial generation, the laws of teamwork, the four phases of Team building and the concerns of hazing and bullying.

2017-07-11 team building

The last course is on RPOs (Run Pass Options).  We will discuss the history of this concept of taking advantage of the conflict player, the concerns that negatively effect the execution of the scheme, how to solve those concerns and how to take advantage of this concept with a Screen Pass Option.

Quads Y Over RPO


I look forward to telling you how the presentations went, discussing the material, and telling you about the interesting members of the coaching fraternity I meet upon my return.

Coach Rich Alercio is available to discuss summer OTAs, coaching philosophy, X’s & O’s, or teach his O-Line “techniques in the trenches.” Contact Coach at and share with your colleagues and friends. Thanks for your time!


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