A Special Set of Skills…

What I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career…

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No not Liam Neeson’s skills, OLine Skills.   Those skills have been taught to hundreds of players over a 35-year career leading to numerous championships, national rankings, and records set.  They have also been shared with over 5,000 players and hundreds of coaches at my annual Alercio OLine Clinics. Read some of their endorsements below:  

“The clarity of your teaching simplifies the game tremendously.”   

Mike Kuchar. Co-Founder X&O Labs

“Rich Alercio, a guru of offensive line play in the Northeastern part of the country”

American Football Monthly, July 2008

“Rich Alercio is the best clinician in the country” 

John Fiore, Montclair HS NJ.  NJFCA Past-President

“There is not a more knowledgeable coach of offensive line play than Coach Alercio.”

Frank Holmes, Delran HS NJ

I look forward to sharing those skills with players and coaches on April 24 at the Hun School of Princeton NJ and on June 12 at St Johnsbury Academy VT.  To read more testimonials and to access a brochure, visit https://olineskills.com/

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